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Term or phrase linked data
Language English
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Function in sentence or vocabulary noun
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Definition A pattern for hyperlinking machine-readable data sets to each other using Semantic Web techniques, especially via the use of RDF and URIs. Enables distributed SPARQL queries of the data sets and a browsing or discovery approach to finding information (as compared to a search strategy). Linked Data is intended for access by both humans and machines. Linked Data uses the RDF family of standards for data interchange (e.g., RDF/XML, RDFa, Turtle) and query (SPARQL). If Linked Data is published on the public Web, it is generally called Linked Open Data.
Dialects or regional variations
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Source of definition online “Linked Data Glossary: W3C Working Group Note 27 June 2013,” W3C, accessed December 21, 2015, (links omitted)
Significant terms and phrases hyperlink, machine-readable, machine readable, data set, dataset, Semantic Web, RDF, URI, SPARQL, query, information, XML, RDFa, Turtle, public, World Wide Web, Linked Open Data
Translation equivalent dados conectados
Language Portuguese
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Sources of information in print W3C Escritório Brasil and Laboratório Brasileiro de Cultura Digital, Manual dos dados abertos: Desenvolvedores (São Paulo: Comitê Gestor da Internet no Brasil, 2011), 20
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